Sssslllooowwww today...

Last night, right after dinner Toby and I were going to go outside and walk. We opened the door, a gust of wind blew in, and we saw the GIANT LOOMING THUNDERHEAD looming its loomingness over us, dramatically lit up by lightning. And decided, instead of walking, to ride the stationary bikes in the bedroom. :) We kept the blinds open, and it was rather spectacular - we have thin, whippy trees in the backyard and they were whipping their little hearts out in the wind.

(BTW, one of the small weirdnesses the previous owners of the house left was that, either due to small yappy dogs (they had four, our neighbors informed us) or small children (the wife looked after small children for pay, I believe), they had taken the pulls from the blinds and cut them off up at the top of the window. This was not a problem for them, because they were both extremely tall*, but Toby and I are much more vertically challenged than they and cannot reach the pull stubs.)

Back to the weather. So, every so often, I start wondering if the fact I think some of my migraines are affected by changes in the weather is confirmation bias. And then something like last night occurs where a front sweeps through (temps today are 15-20 degrees below yesterday!) and I wake up at 2:30 AM with a migraine happens and I stop wondering. Took Relpax, went back to bed. It's mostly gone now, although there's a bit of unpleasant pressure in the back of my head that I am treating with caffeinated soda and Advil, but I am left dealing with the migraine and triptan hangovers. *yawn*

So today's goal is mostly to stay upright. We shall see if I am capable of achieving that.

* And had tall grandchildren - I should, at some point, show you where the mirror over the sink in the spare bedroom is positioned. It's awesome in that you don't have to look at your morning hair as you brush your teeth, but not awesome in every other way.

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