Can't Sleep Sims Will Eat Me

So some time ago I made Sims of the three main characters from my* late unlamented webcomic Can't Sleep Con Will Eat Me.

* Well, also written by mothoc and myrialux.

Genghis, Beecher, and Jason all ended up living together in a house in Simsville (I forgot the name of the town they're supposed to be in), as if they'd graduated and were housemates. I was able to get decently close to their personalities and looks. If you're unfamiliar with the characters and need a short intro I think you can sort of see bitter Genghis and kilt-clad Beecher here and here, and there's no one comic that really encapsulates Jason other than that he's the hapless nebbish sort.

The screenshots are enormous because I didn't bother to resize them. You'll have to deal with it. :)

Here they are, Jason and Beecher in front of their new house while Genghis reads inside, as I gave Genghis the Hates The Outside personality quirk.

Alas, Beecher is not yet in his Utilikilt, because there isn't a base option for one. I put him in cargo shorts to compensate for that, and after a while found a kilt in the SIms Store and bought it for him.

Inside, Genghis and Beecher have a conversation. Genghis is his typical hate-filled bitter self.

Beecher stares off into the corner for no reason whatsoever.

Genghis, seemingly offended by Beecher's growing anger at the empty corner, picks a fight with him.

Beecher talks about himself while Jason goes over to the living room to read.

Genghis is not happy talking about Beecher, so Beecher mollifies him by talking about light bulbs. Or he's proposing an idea.

Aaaaand perhaps a bromance is born. Or B eecher's talking about girls and Genghis is keeping his thoughts about that mum. Your choice.

I'll leave this one here without comment. Feel free to caption it yourself.

Wait! There may be wedding bells in our boys' future!

Alas, Genghis scotches Beecher's hopes by complaining about the dishes.

They end the conversation pissed off at each other. Jason, who has a bit of a survival instinct, continues to ignore them.


About this point, two random neighbor women ring the doorbell. Naturally, Beecher invites them in and starts chatting them up while Genghis ignores them.

The women are finding each other more interesting than Beecher.

Beecher proposes a swim, which insults the blonde, for some reaosn.

Beecher attempts to chat up the brunette, asking her sign. She is not impressed. Jason sits and thinks about himself.

Jason attempts to join the conversation, and starts asking about books they've read. This bores the brunette.

The blonde, bored with Beecher and Jason, goes over and attempts to strike up a conversation with Genghis.

Genghis immediately unleashes a torrent of computer-related talk at her, while the brunette decides that Jason, boring as he is, is better company than Beecher. Beecher watches on, unbelieving that his seduction techniques are failing hard enough that his geeky housemates are having better luck than he is.

Genghis bores the blonde, who decides Beecher is better than tech talk.

Jason, against all odds, is actually making decent time with the brunette. Genghis and Beecher decide to have an argument.

About this time, I have Genghis kick the girls out. Beecher and Jason both dream of the brunette.

Jason goes to the bedroom while Genghis relives himself behind a modesty pixel blur and Beecher fumes for a bit that he didn't get any good macking in on the women....

...and then he stalks into the bathroom to argue with Genghis some more.

Genghis stalks off to bed, naturally appropriating the solo room (this is so in character).

Beecher notices that Jason's claimed the bed in their bedroom, and notices that I failed to provide him with a separate bed. He is not happy about this.

Jason is rather nervous about what Beecher will do to him when he comes into the bedroom.

Beecher comes in and talks to Jason about working out.

They continue the conversation happily.

Beecher's ploy has worked - Jason's mind is distracted from sleep and he decides to go take a bath while Beecher jumps into the bed.

And now we close on the first day of our three protagonists as two snooze a bit and one bathes happily.

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