Can't Sleep Sims Will Eat Me 4

Aaaand more Can't Sleep boys in the 'hood as it's this, go outside and walk, or cut my lunch short and go home half an hour early and WE CAN'T POSSIBLY HAVE THAT, CAN WE?

Beecher is exhausted! Jason fails to pick up on romantic interest! Genghis plants a lettuce!

We left the boys yesterday as morning dawns and Genghis staggers out to the kitchen in his underwear to make breakfast. Beecher now gets up and stares blearily at the television.

Genghis goes and breaks the tub.

And in true Genghis fashion decides that he doesn't give a fuck, and goes out to the living room.

Jason, wanting a bath, goes and tinkers with the tub.

And then mops up the bathroom, because it's not like the other two are going to do it.

He gets angry at the broken toilet.

I believe Beecher's gotten a job by this point. I gave him the Ambition of being a Super-Spy, so his path is obviously through law enforcement. (Well, in canon his dad is a sheriff, so I figure his dad got him the job.) He gets home from work and pays the bills, now that they actually have enough money to pay them.

He then goes to bed early, tired out from his day of honest labor. Well, mostly tired out from working ou too long the day before and failing to get enough rest. :) Genghis heads for the fridge as Jason gets back from his part-time job as evening clerk at the bookstore.

Note that even now that Genghis has a job (part-time, as a barista at a spa), Beecher's the only one with a full-time job, and thus I tend to arrange the house more to his liking, as he's the one funding whatever they buy and remodel.

After a brief nap, Beecher gets up. Jason doesn't want to talk to him, so he gets into a cab and goes to the park. His first activity is catching butterfiles. Why? Because there were butterflies there.

He then tries his hand at some fishing. He sucks at it. (And really: a kilt-clad man fishing in a park in the middle of the night? Nothing at all suspicious about this!)

He goes home in time to catch a few more Zs before he has to get up and eat breakfast before his carpool picks him up for work. He's still tired, hence the not-green diamond floating abov ehis head.

Meanwhile, Genghis plants a lettuce.

There is a story behind that lettuce, which mostly involves me trying to figure how the hell to play the Sims. I hadn't realized that there were food-making supplies perpetually in the fridge if you're willing to eat salad, waffles, and mac and cheese on end. So when Genghis started getting hungry I rationalized that he had to go to the grocery store first, and sent him there. No screenshots, as I was figuring out what was going on. And among the supplies he bought was lettuce. When he got home and I clicked on the fridge to put things away, then it gave me the option of making the three dishes above, and I realized the store trip wasn't needed.

Genghis was way late to his first day of work because of this.

Anyway, I discovered at this point in the game that the groceries were still in his inventory, so I was trying to figure out what to do with them. I've forgotten the exact train of events, but I ended up activating the lettuce and, while Genghis was wandering around, clicking on the ground outside which prompted Genghis to go randomly plant the lettuce.

I think it was the lettuce. It might have been a tomato, but I find lettuce inherently more funny than tomatoes, so lettuce it is.

Anyway, that's why Genghis planted a lettuce.

Stunned by this chain of events, he returns to stoicly watch television while Jason tries to fix the toilet some more.

Jason gives up - probably going to work as he works evenings and I see by Beecher's presence that it's after work hours - and Genghis stares down the broken toilet, dreaming of setting it on fire.

At this point, he really wants to take a bath but can't because it's broken again. Or something. I don't remember the exact reason - this might ahve been when I bought a shower and maanged to place it in a way that blocked off its door. Genghis is smarter than Beecher, who just went to work stinky.

(EDIT: I remember! A burglar came in and STOLE THEIR TUB!!)

Genghis runs (why I had him run isntead of taking the ubiquitous taxi the Sims prefer, I don't know) to the gym!

I figured I'd have him swim himself clean...

...but then noticed the locker room had showers. Bingo!

Beecher gets some sort of goal to exercise for X hours straight, so I set him to doing some manly EXTREME AEROBICS.

Genghis wanders around the gym and gets engrossed in a cooking show.

...and then makes a friend, or at least pretends to talk to thsi guy while sneaking looks at the blonde on the weights machine.

And by this point he's so exhausted he collapses on teh floor of the gym and takes a nap.

Beecher's still at it.

Jason's tinkering has paid off! A neighbor wants him to fix a TV!

He returns the TV to this woman. In the middle of the night. He does not pick up on the obvious vibe that she has for him by allowing him to show up at 3AM or shatever and deliver the TV.

Even when they talk for a while.

And she obviously proposes buying two tickets to something-or-other.

He merely says he has to go to work.

And returns, to shower in the new shower stall I bought them.

And is then thwarted in his attempts to go to bed because his Sim is incapable of getting into bed unless THAT ENTIRE SIDE of the bed is unobstructed. He throws a fit about this.

And then goes to sleep on the sofa.

That's the end of this adventure, and I'm reminding myself I stopped at screenshot 150.

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