Can't Sleep Sims Will Eat Me 5

I am now getting run down from this cold/what-have-you and my brainpower is just about as much as it takes to write one of these up.

So. Can't Sleep Sims Will Eat Me 5. Primary action: creepy woman stalks Genghis, but gets out-creeped by him. Beecher fails to score with any woman.

It's been long enough since I played the sessions that led to these that I tend to have forgotten the details of what's going on in their lives. I know they've all got jobs by now, and at some point around now I buy Genghis a computer and then discover that one of the options he has available on that is Troll on a Forum, which had me laughing enough to make him do that a lot. It's not particularly funny in screenshots, however, as he's just sitting there. :) He also discovers that if he's at the computer during the night he can make money via hacking, so he contributes to the household expenses by periodically staying up all night hacking. His part-time afternoon barista job is perfect to allow him to do this.

At any rate, I'm not sure at exactly which point all the above happens. So as we start today's writeup, it's the morning. Genghis is asleep and Beecher arises. At some point during the night I think I rearranged the second bedroom furniture enough to allow Jason to go to bed there, as he was fitfully napping and complaining about it. Beecher, having a real job, is up early.

After he leaves, the other two get up and have breakfast. And I believe we discover that Genghis is either a closet otaku, or he's making fun of Jason for having anime fanboy tendencies as he does the clap-his-hands-together thing before eating that you see in anime (accompanied by a word or phrase that I can't recall enough of to Google for).

When [personal profile] rachelmanija and I were in Japan in 2007, we actually witnessed this behaviour in the wild once, in a restaurant in Kyoto. However, we had no way of knowing if it was ordinary Japanese people or if it was Japanese or foreign anime enthusiasts. :)

Genghis stops mocking Jason long enough to discuss entomology with him. This charms Jason. (It may actually be an icon dealing with household cleanliness, but I really don't know.)

Perhaps it is the weekend rather than a weekday, or I've skipped to after work as we now see Beecher chatting women up at the pool.

And at the park. You have to give him credit for persistence, as I don't think he's been successful in the least. He's down to flirting with potentially-taken women by now, as she's obviously pregnant. (It's possible she's single or poly, or that he's just passing the time of day with her in a pleasant manner, but I prefer to think of Beecher getting foiled yet again.)

As evening falls, Genghis is being stalked by a woman who really, really wants to get some sleep.

He feeds her dinner, although he doesn't seem too happy about it.

Meanwhile, Beecher is increasing his Logic skill by playing EXTREME chess. (Yes, that is an option. I have no idea what makes it extreme. Perhaps Beecher is yelling "FOR SPARTAAA!" every time he checkmates.)

Genghis' stalker breaks the sink. He discusses botany with her.

She replies, concerned about trash...

...and then abandons him to go lurk in the bathroom.

He follows her in, where he apparently proposes to her. I'm not sure who's the creepy one here. Maybe Genghis' strategy, honed from years of dealing with con attendees, is to out-creep the creeps.

He then abandons her to go to bed. She's still very tired.

Beecher comes home and would like the creepy woman to leave so he can take a shower, please.

She goes into the living room and fantasizes about some businessman, apparently realizing that invading a house full of geeks isn't really going to result in anything she wants.

We have discovered something that will (momentarily) take Beecher's mind off of flirting with women: food. He's hungry, post-shower, and heads to the kitchen, ignoring the creepy woman.

He also doesn't give a fuck about the broken sink and the flooded kitchen.

The woman asks for a Band-Aid and Beecher refuses her, because he just wants to go to bed.

She complains about being just... so... tired.

Beecher ignores her again and sits down to his meal of what looks like it's probably burned mac and cheese.

...I really have no idea why there's another bowl of burnt mac and cheese on the floor here. Or why the woman is lurking in the bathroom, unless she's pretending to be Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter.

Beecher does not care about Moaning Myrtle. He just wants to get to bed.

She finally leaves, realizing that everybody in this house is too self-obsessed to let her sleep there, or whatever it is she wants, leaving the front door wide open, and Beecher freshens up before hitting the sack.

Beecher then realizes he's missed a golden opportunity to mack on an actual woma who had been standing before him in his house, and rushes outside to invite her to a movie.

His life's mission of macking on as many women as possible fulfilled for the evening, he goes to bed. Come morning, Jason then gets up and mops up the kitchen, because nobody else is going to, and then fixes the sink.

Yes! I have indeed purchased them a computer, as Jason then goes to play a video game while Genghis is sleeping.

And Beecher gets up, and goes to work out in front of their stereo once more.

After he finishes, he leavbes. Genghis then gets up, wanting to play chess (I think he needs to learn Logic as part of whatever his ultimate life ambition is, which you can do, among other ways, by playing chess.)

He finds a blonde in the park and strikes up a game.

He's bad enough, or just slow enough, at it that she starts reading a book when it's not her move.

Eventually he goes home, orders a pizza and fails to eat any of it, leaivng it out on the counter where it goes bad, then hacks a bit and goes to bed. Next morning, Jason gets up.

Ending here, at screenshot 209. :) I think there's enough in this session for one more post, then I've got a few screenshots from a subsequent session (although I didn't take many). We'll see what happens.

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