Dear Etsy Crafters...

...While I do appreciate your ideas and abilities in making nifty wedding stuff, sometimes I question your naming choices. For example, the little folded whatsit that kids use in grade school to make predictions*. It's kind of nifty to make customised wedding-themed ones, and I kind of like the idea as I am interested in children's folklore and folk ways from way back, but I really think you should re-think giving it the name traditional in some areas of cootie-catcher. Apparently you are not aware that the term "cooties" does not, in fact, refer only to little innocuous invisible agents of contamination that kids squeal about, but originally referred to body lice.

Not interested in having lice mentioned at my wedding, thankyouverymuch.

* Mary and Herbert Knapp call it the "wiggle-waggle paper predictor" in their classic on kids' folklore One Potato, Two Potato: The Folklore of American Children, but admit it's their own name and that the kids don't have a name for it.

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