We're considering booking a food truck for the wedding, so I might as well keep track of the ones we eat at to help us decide.

Last night, we tried Lee's Grilled Cheese. Verdict: good, but when when there's multiple orders it takes too long to have at the reception.

Also tried:

Gennarino's (Facebook page). Handheld Neapolitan-style street food. Tasted great, and the guy they had outside the truck with his Italian on (they're from Naples, but he was laying it on thick!) selling stuff to people sold his ass off and would provide quite a lot of entertainment.

Crazy Sisters. Tex-Mex. Our current front-runner as they have a variety of foods that would suit our various picky-eater friends and family (tacos, burgers, and their specialty grits).

Ssahm BBQ. Korean BBQ. Good, but a little too spicy for me, and would not pass the picky-eater test,* having a limited menu. (Kimchee fries = fabulous, but I'm still a wimp about spicy and can't eat much of anything they serve.)

Nammi Truck. Actually our favorite truck, but does not pass the picky-eater test.

The Butcher's Son. This may become our favorite because it's got a broad menu and the lime fries are fantastic, but as all we've eaten from it are the lime fries, we can't make the call yet. Oh, darn, we're going to have to eat there again, the horror.


There's a food truck park opening near downtown on Dec. 2nd, which we plan on patronizing a lot while making our selection! Also, last night I found out about The Bacon Wagon, whose specialty you can probably guess. Their website was having issues when I tried it, so dropping the FB link here for reference.

* The picky-eater test being "Would Toby's mom eat off the menu here?"

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