Spam spam spam spam

Got a Russian spam just now over on LJ. Curious, I took the time to run it through Babelfish, which resulted in:
Subject: What such is New Year? How do you do! We invite you as entire family to participate in the holiday competition of " What such is New Year? " :) You will compose story, make photo, devise video with you or with your relatives on the theme of " What is new [God]" and win useful prizes from the company for the production of feed water filters of " [Barer]". Page of competition -[URL deleted]

Gosh, I want to win a useful prize from a company that makes water filters. Or something.

Subject: Что Такое новый год?

Здравствуйте! Приглашаем Вас всей семьей принять участие в праздничном
конкурсе "Что такое Новый Год?" :) Сочините рассказ, сделайте фото,
придумайте видео с Вами или с Вашими домашними на тему "Что такое Новый
Год" и выиграйте полезные призы от компании по производству фильтров для
воды "Барьер". Страница конкурса -[URL deleted]

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