Try 2!

Second try at the candles (see previous post for the first) - and yes this one was after I realized I could make inexpensive decor for the wedding from these.

Not as successful.

Not as successful with this one - it'll still pass muster at a quick glance, but on the previous one the musical notes helped hide the tissue paper and there was much less image here. I also printed out the plum branch and our names (not shown) on one piece of tissue paper so as to space them evenly on opposite sides. The expanse of non-printed tissue is a bit obvious if you look at it, and you may be able to see on the lower right of the candle the end of the tissue paper that I just could not get to saturate with wax. I also managed to put too much heat on some area, I think, so the wax is looking a bit blobby.

I was going to try to hold the paper on with wax paper while I heated it, as some bloggers do, but discovered we had none. I think this will work much better if I (a) use the wax paper and (b) put on my big girl panties and stop worrying about getting the placement exactly right and just put on each image separately so I can cut the tissue paper as close to the graphic as possible.

The printer ink also ran a tiny bit, but the barely-perceptible berry-colored halo it gave the flowers and our names works, IMO, so I'm not going to worry about it.

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