This worked well!

Christmas: candles for everyone!

Done using this tutorial that I'd posted a week or so back. The poster used a heat gun, but a commenter said a hair dryer worked just as well for her, so I dusted mine off, held my breath and hoped it wouldn't explode or burn up since it had been collecting dust since 2008, and gave it a whirl.

Took a little bit for the wax to start melting, but at the point were I was wondering if it was going to work, I saw the sheen of melted wax and the tissue paper disappeared into the candle.

I think I need a cheap candle holder of some ilk - preferably wooden as metal would get too hot and you'd think plastic for a candleholder wouldn't melt but you can never be too sure - so I can rotate the candle as it melts without getting wax all over the countertop and myself and smooshing the candle a bit out of shape with the paper towel that I was attempting to shield my hand with.

Not to check what happens if I print a color picture on there, and to poke about for interesting graphics for candles. :D

ETA: Oh, and also to burn this one to test what happens to the paper as it melts down. :)

ETA2: Poking about the intartubes reveals that people doing this technique often use wax paper to hold down the images they're melting into the candle wax -- it keeps their fingers away from the heat so much, and stops the candle deforming as you can hold it in the air away from the counter. Will have to try that!

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