As I'm driving myself nuts with indecision, I'm going to crowdsource ideas for hats/fascinators/whatever for the wedding.

This is the dress. This is what I look like in it. (The color of the inset I ordered is more like it is on the website than on the sample I tried on. They call is mahogany, but it's really a burgundy. The rest of the dress is ivory, not white) I will also be wearing a shrug to cover my arms so I don't have to be self-conscious about them.

Not particularly interested in a traditional veil. Toby's already voiced his objection to a birdcage veil, because he thinks they look weird. My hair won't be substantially longer (and it will be fire-engine red) than it is in the picture. My mom, thinking of what I wanted when I was 16 in the 80s, suggested a big floppy garden hat but (a) toootally not stylish now with a big dress and (b) it'll cover my hair and my wee tiny head will vanish in this giant sea of ivory. Not opposed to the sort of cocktail hat that looks like something just perched on my head and may fly off again at any moment, although not a tiny top hat as I am not dressing steampunk or Lolita.

Here's an example of something I like the colors on but not how it sticks out like a handle straight out from the model's head. (There's a bit of veiling, but it doesn't go over her face.)

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