Woo, wedding website!

Wedding website up! http://wedding.magatsu.net/ The RSVP page has placeholder text because there's no point in putting that up until the invitations are sent out. May also put hotel recommendations up for family, but there's also no need quite yet for that.

Cut because I still feel vaguely weird about asking for stufffff even though I know people like having guides. :)

Registry info is on the Additional Information page. We did what we said we'd do, which is go through the America's Test Kitchen equipment recs and put stuff there if it was nicer than what we already owned. Feel free to use the housewares and cookbooks on the Amazon list as a general guide.

Two sorts of things that aren't really included because, well, I can't figure out what exact ones to pick are (1) interesting things in which to put flowers, as I love fresh flowers but only own three things in which to put them, two of which are clear glass and one of which is a short, squat, black thing perfectly suitable for one hydrangea stem but not much else (luckily I love hydrangeas). And (2) is cookbooks. Cookbooks are love. We already have all the Alton Brown ones, and I tossed some America's Test Kitchen books on the registry. Books featuring cuisine from non-USA countries are good, but, really, any cookbook you like works. :)

Also, random decor for the living room, if you happen to find something that you think will fit into the living room.

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