Things I have learned from wedding blogs:

-- We are supposed to give STDs to everyone we know.
That would be save-the-date cards, not the other thing, but I cannot get that other meaning out of my head. Anyway, I see no point in sending pre-invitation invitations, so we're, y'know, telling people as we're getting addresses.

-- It's OK if my fleet of bridesmaids don't all wear the same dress!
I have no bridesmaids, just a Dude of Honor, and I told him that his responsibilities consisted of showing up on time, wearing something casual, and not dropping the ring. He did express disappointment in that, claiming that he'd dreamed all his life of being forced to wear a hideous dress with matching dyed shoes.

-- If I don't have the money to have my invitations hand-calligraphed, I can do it myself. I just need to give myself lots of time and practice.
Our guests are getting envelopes printed from the computer and if they don't like it they can just gossip behind our backs about it like they're traditionally supposed to do.

-- Table numbers are essential. Especially decorative ones.
As we're going the food truck route, I don't think we need to assign our guests' seating. They can take care of that themselves.

-- Card boxes are a thing.
WTF?! Is it really a thing for guests to bring cards to weddings? So much so that you need a special box to put them in? Apparently so.

-- DIY photo booths at receptions are a thing.
Which is actually kind of cool ... I'm just not sure enough of our friends would get comfy enough to get goofy in front of a camera to make it worth the effort and expense.

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