During my browsing in a desperate attempt to procrastinate on working on a project that I cannot name as it is a gift for someone who might read this (or who might not; I'm never sure), I ran across the thank-you notes page on etiquettehell.com. This one was ... wow!

Hi Jeanne,

Love your site! My husband's grandmother, who was a wonderful lady, passed away recently. The family had to sell her apartment and clean it out as terms of the estate. Many papers and photos had to be filed away and put into storage. My mother-in-law noticed something odd: there was only one thank you note kept by Nanny. She opened it to see why this thank you note was kept - it was dated 30 years ago. The letter read:
"Dear X,

We're very sorry you could not attend our wedding - we would have liked to seen you there. We noticed that you gave us a large, antique Chinese bowl. While some would love this gift, unfortunately we have decorated our home with a Tuscan theme. If we redecorate our home (which we probably won't do for a while) perhaps we can use your gift.


I would like to honor Nanny's memory by passing along her "Thank You Letter from Hell", a letter so bad she kept it for 30 years.
While I am horrible at coming up with what to say in thank-you notes, my goal for the wedding is NOT to write something that could be featured on that site!

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