Photographer: booked. Woo!

Gas range: purchased. This was a Christmas gift from Mom to both of us: money for a gas range, which we'd both been moaning about buying for ages. :) We went to the store and looked around on the 31st, and talked to a clerk who was very nice and not pushy. Came home, checked Toby's Consumer Reports subscription, and went back to the store. The clerk was embroiled with a couple outfitting a full kitchen and who were doing very...careful...comparison shopping. More power to them, but we wanted to give the guy our commission. I caught his eye and mentioned we knew what we wanted and were ready to buy at one point, and he managed to extricate himself from the shoppers just long enough to come over and finalize our sale. It's getting delivered Monday.

Also, invitations are all printed out and are at Kinko's to be cut. Picking them up tomorrow.

Tonight: Peruvian roasted chicken, recipe from America's Test Kitchen. You rub it down and let it marinate in a paste made from stuff like garlic, cumin, lime juice, mint, jalapeno (well, habanero in the original I THINK NOT), smoked paprika and maybe a couple of others. Then you roast it. Mmmmm. We figured it was hard to go wrong with that list of ingredients.

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