New fridge!

This time, a warranty paid for itself. We are a mixed marriage - I have an inborn conviction that all warranties are scams perpetrated by a store to screw more money out of you, while Toby has a feeling that they're good insurance. So we end up compromising and getting them on some items and not getting them on others.

It worked out this time, in spades. We originally bought a discounted fridge from a Sears outlet (scratches on the outside), and got the shorter warranty. Last week it started making thumping noises when trying to make ice, so we turned that off and called the repair person. He showed up today and discovered that two rods that are an integral part of the icemaking process were bent. Bending them back usually breaks them, so he went back to base and reported it, and we just got a call that Sears would replace the fridge. Or, rather (and better!) give us a credit for the full price of the fridge, not the discount at which we bought it, which amounts to 1/3 more than we paid for it to start.

Off to Consumer Reports!

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