A fridge enabled for wifi...

So yesterday as we were wandering around The Great Indoors waiting for our salesman to be free so we could buy a range from him, we got to looking at the various appliances on display to pass the time. After we exhausted the possibilities inherent in the pro-level ranges and stovetops, we poked our way through the dishwashers and ended up at the fridges (alas, little suspecting we'd be getting a new one soon, or we'd have looked more seriously!).

And then we found it: the ultimate in modern food-cooling technology.

It is enabled for wifi.

I present to you...The Twitter Fridge

You think I'm kidding about the Twitter?

It can do other things besides Twitter! It can show you the news, play you music, or tell you what the weather is! Along with allowing you to make notes, showing you recipes, and displaying photographs.

And you don't need an Ethernet drop in your kitchen, as it's enabled for wifi.

Somehow I doubt we'll be getting this one as a replacement for the dud, as even with that sale it still cost more than the credit we've got (and although The Great Indoors is owned by Sears we have no idea if the credit will work there), plus there's the tiny matter of our fridge nook not being particularly deep and requiring a counter-depth fridge. Although the inconvenience of not being able to open the doors of the fridge because there's an island in the way pales in comparison to the utility of being able to check Twitter and see where our Foursquare-happy friend is located at any given moment!

Edited to add: We didn't check to see if you can add apps to your fridge nor what OS it ran on (Assuming Android?), but that small drawer above the freezer drawer is apparently fro bottled drinks, deli meat, cheeses, and other snacky things. Yes, it's The Beer Drawer. (or the Don't Cool The Entire House Down Drawer if you have children who grab snacks after school for themselves.)

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