We spent part of the evening catching up on Doctor Who (everything but the Christmas special so far) and stuffing invitations. Only partly done - we need to collate and print out the mailing addresses (and boot some people to get them to us in the first place!) and finish up with the belly bands and monograms (I caved in and got them - they make them look nice. Will attempt to remember to take photos and post).

We also attempted to go to the Caravaggio exhibit as it's in its last week, but were thwarted by failing to check the website for the hours and arriving at 6PM to a museum that had closed at 5. I note that we were not the only people who had arrived and were wandering around forlornly looking for a sign on the main doors that contained the hours, and if the Kimbell mails me anything asking for money and mentions that a downturn in revenue or that the economic situation is hard, I shall reply saying that I will be happy to give them a donation upon the event that they choose to open their museum during hours that the average person can actually visit it. Closed on Sundays and Mondays, closing at 5 on Tues-Thursday, open only until 8 on Friday (at least they offer half price for special exhibits from 5-8) and having Saturday as the only day that they're open that most people can attend just really doesn't work out.

I understand not wanting to pay security guards and whatnot for extra hours, but pushing the opening of the public areas to later in the day so it can be open after 5PM ought to work out. You can always arrange for a special guard on the days that various schoolchildren and whatnot tour the museum. Or at the very least open on Sundays!

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