Well, here ya go

Great Masters Disasters, with three disasters (or "disasters", really) so far. I used a premium Wordpress theme that was very elegant and de-eleganted it by changing the nice soft grey font to dark grey and by bumping it all up a few pixels, as it made me squint to read.

Have at it! and suggest some of your own so I don't have to spend every waking moment scanning the web for works of art. XD

ETA: I repeat the image in each post, smaller, because the nice huge version is a Wordpress Featured Image. The only problem with that is that I'm going to attempt to write descriptions of the paintings for accessibility purposes, and the plugin I'm using that automagically appends the "longdesc" tag to images does not do so for Featured Images. Hence a repetition of it, smaller, so that the tag gets put in there for screen readers. If the plugin gets updated, or if I give up and update it myself, I'll stop the repetition.

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