Cookbook, anyone?

Due to a miscalculation on my end when I was ordering books -- I got a lot of Amazon gift cards this year and indulged in an orgy of book-ordering at the end of last week -- I managed to get two copies of The Just Bento Cookbook: Everyday Lunches To Go instead of the one I'd intended.

Sold! While I could send it back to Amazon, I could also send it on to one of you - it cost $13.15 and I'd be happy to sell it on to someone else who'd like it (I'll cover postage - I'd have to cover postage to send it back to Amazon anyway).

I looked through it last night, and it seems quite useful. It's about 2/3 Japanese-inspired recipes and 1/3 Western-style. The author lives in Switzerland, and so does not use a lot of ingredients that can't be got at anything but large Asian stores. The recipes are mostly 1 serving in size, as suitable for a single bento. It was developed out of the Just Bento blog so you can poke around there and see if her style sounds appealing.

It is not a cutesy or kid-oriented bento book. You can make the recipes for kids, but if you want to put little faces on the food, you'll have to find another guide. :)

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