Peeve: titling an email "Following up" when it is, in fact, the first time I am hearing about an issue.

New glasses. Progressive lenses. Not sure about them - not the progressive bit, as I'll get used to that, but I still can't focus at the distance that is comfortable for me to work on close-up work. Hrm. Also, the edges distort a little too much. I know it's the nature of lenses to be circular-ish in general, but previously I could actually glance sidelong at someone and not notice anything. Hrm again.

HOA meeting last night: Good news for those of you worried about Texas HOAs on our behalf: not only is the only thing they can do if we don't comply is put a lien on our house (prevents us from selling if we don't pay), but they can only do that for non-payment of annual dues, and in any case if the house is foreclosed on the banks ignore that anyway. They're trying to write up a document that will allow them to fine people for non-compliance, but the laws have been changing recently so they had to scrap what they had and redo it. And as the chair pointed out - in most cases it's renters who don't comply because they don't care and the fines don't get paid and don't do anything.

But GAH do some people like to hear themselves talk! On and on and on and on and repeating repeating repeating. The chair isn't too good at reining people in to get on with the meeting. We have also identified the person who is obviously the neighborhood sitter-behind-blinds with binoculars and notebook out looking for code violations. As we left the meeting we left that person happily scribbling the phone number for the Tollway Authority in a notebook, presumably to wake up this morning and commence a campaign to harass them by phone until the land they own right next to our development is mowed. They won't do it, of course, but I expect the person will complain a lot until the tollway is finished being built (scheduled finish 2014).

Although we had to leave before it was over (we left 8:35, when it was scheduled to end at 8:30) or we were both going to snap and start punching people who didn't shut up and let the meeting go on, we are happy because (a) there WILL be a grocery store going in nearby: near enough, in fact, that we can walk to it, and (b) the sheer apathy of the residents who failed to show up to the meeting (only about 10% of the membership did) means that our opinions and points of view will be disproportionally represented so there is a chance for a voice of cynicism and skepticality to prevail. Or at least be heard. (Before we moved in, the residents indicated vi a a website poll that they wanted security cameras in the neighborhood, and as Bruce Schneier, the security guru, points out, they don't actually reduce crime, they just improve the chances that a perpetrator might be identified.)

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