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So, back in the day a lot of paintings were made that functioned as "mystery paintings," or pictures that illustrated an allegory or tale of some sort with densely packed symbols and iconography.

You can read an analysis of a Titian here, at Three Pipe Problem.

I've been itching to do more painting ever since the first time I went to the Caravaggio exhibit, and I also wonder if I could do something similar with subject matter to the Old AMsters* who did this, only using, say, cosplayers sitting around at a con as the main figures (much like they used figures in contemporary-ish clothing to illustrate Biblical and Classical stories and allegories).

Question is: what should the allegory/theme be? Assuming that an Old Master theme would be more-or-less discernible to a reasonably well-educated person of that time who thought about it for a while, what would an equivalent be today?

* Typo, but as the Old Hamsters it seems like amuses me, I'm keeping it.**

** Also, read Caravaggio and the Caravaggisti specifically for the style, as I dig their take on realism.

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