The Woman in Black; BBQ

Did two things today (omg! actual things!).

1) Toby and I went to Tim Love's new restaurant, the Woodshed Smokehouse. They encourage family-style eating, so we shared an order of pecan-smoked pork ribs, a bourbon and Coke pork banh mi, and on the recommendation of the server, an ear of Mexican corn. Fantastic. The ribs weren't spicy, although herb-encrusted, the banh mi was spicy, although if you picked off the chiles it was fine for those of us with wimpy palates, and the corn had just a hint of spicy - it was rubbed in Parmesan and chiles. The banh mi comes deassembled, with a piece of pita bread and a couple of corn tortillas, so you can put it together to your own specs. I loved that pork.

I am v. v. happy that it is close enough to work that I can take an early or late lunch and visit it and miss the parking and traffic problems.

2) Afterward we went to see The Woman in Black. Verdict: it's fine if you like traditional ghost stories. We're not sorry we went, but it wasn't as good as I hoped it was going to be. As some review or other said, it couldn't decide if it wanted to be a jump-and-scare or a psychological thriller, and I'd have preferred the latter.

There were four teenage girls sitting in front of us who spent the entire movie jumping and screaming, and one of whom got up and left halfway through. I have to wonder if they'd ever seen any scary movie ever, because all the jump-and-scare stuff was telegraphed, and if you missed the visual cues that something was about to show up, the music was bashing you over the head with HEY! ANY SECOND NOW! JUST ABOUT NOW! HEY! HEY! HEY! LOOK! ISN'T THAT SCARY!

Also: I haven't read the whole book, just the excerpt for the ebook, and I can tell that the movie changed at least one major point in the book. For better or worse I won't know until I actually read it.

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