Two things accomplished today and it's not even the end of the workday yet! We took papers to the tax lady today. We've always done our own taxes, but with the house and combining finances for the first time, we figured we'd let someone who knew what they were doing do it for us this year. She said we were very organized--we had papers separated out into folders and everything!--so I guess her typical client may just hand her a giant wad of papers that she has to sort out.

Also, picked up my wedding dress. I've got the underthings on order and they should be arriving next week, so all I have to do is ('all,' she says ruefully) is find an alterations person to get the dang thing to fit. I've found one who specializes in wedding gowns and who has great reviews on Angie's List, but who is all the way across the metroplex. OTOH, there are no alterations people near us who have either got a good rating or who have been rated at all, so if I'm going to have to drive all that way, I might as well drive to someone who specializes in wedding gowns.

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Tags: taxes, wedding
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