Makeup test!

Got my makeup done as a test today so we can see what to do for the wedding (yup, I'm paying someone a lot to do it because I don't want to be worried about it myself). After we got home, we went outside and Toby took a few shots of me.

That pose really is awkward because you can't crop it closer easilt without my arms looking like weird outgrowths and not arms.

The best I could do:

And Nefer, unimpressed by the flashy thing going off in her face.

I think that'll do for the wedding. It's fairly formal for me (I'm even wearing false eyelashes! For the first time! If I open my eyes wide, I can FEEL THEM TOUCH MY UPPER EYELIDS!) For the engagement photo session, I think I'll go for a more natural look without as much smoky eye, as the makeup artist put it. :)

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