This weekend was so busy I'm almost glad it's Monday and I'm at work so I can have a chance to relax!

Saturday: run by the tax lady's place to sign our tax return, drive to Dallas and drop by Sephora to get a lipstick that will last on Sunday, drop Toby off at his game, go to the alterations lady to get my wedding dress alterations started, drop by a couple of places to look for clothes because WHY NOT but don't end up buying any, drop by Penzey's because friends raved about their spices and end up buying several bottles of spices because OMG SMELL GOOD, go back to the friend's house where Toby's game is to sit for a couple of hours, then we leave early to run by Chick-Fil-A and eat in teh car on the way to downtown Dallas to see Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood do funny stuff on stage (involving MOUSETRAPS at one point).

Then back across the metroplex to home, and to bed.

Get up early and drive north to the makeup lady's place to get my makeup done for the engagement pictures today, drive home (by Raising Cane's because no way are we cooking this day), then I fix my hair and then leave again for an emergency manicure & pedicure because I am feeling very self-conscious about the pictures (but I do discover that I like this place and I can go here before the wedding, so it's all good), get home and clean frantically so we're not embarrassed when the photographer gets here, then she arrives and we spend 1.75 hours taking photos, and then she leaves, we order pizza, and we COLLAPSE AND DO NOTHING ELSE FOR THE REST OF THE EVENING.

And then we had to take my car in this morning as the brake indicator light was coming on AGAIN, which means, I think, a small leak somewhere in the system ARG.

At any rate, today I can SIT, at least.

Also, the manicurist mentioned gel nails, which I'd heard about before - it's essentially a UV-light-cured polish that lasts for about 2 weeks without chipping (supposedly). I gave them a try because I'd love to be able to get my nails done before the wedding and then not have to stress out about chips. Cost extra, but if it means there's one more little detail I'm not stressing out over* SO WORTH IT.

* Please no telling me "Don't worry about the little details!" because it's NOT AS EASY AS THAT. I solve the problem by deciding at the last minute what the hell, I didn't want it anyway and letting it go at that point.

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