Very sleepy. Went to Mythbusters Live last night, it was very fun. Adam and Jamie talk on stage exactly like they do in the show and on the various videos you see them on around the intarweebs. Various rigs went wrong on stage (it was their first show after several weeks), but when it's this type of show, it's just part of the show.

In other news I have actually acquired a chip in the gel polish on my right forefinger, but it's small and not very noticeable. :) The rest of the nails are fine. I may actually go in this weekend and get them redone because they're keeping my nails from splitting and otherwise breaking, so they'll look good for the wedding.

It's also the first days sicne Saturday that there have been no people at our house and Sora is VERY VERY cuddly right now. Getting up was hard because he plopped down on top of me purring and wouldn't move. (You cat owners know the gravitational force of a purring cat.)

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