Toby is off to the wilds of Austin (well, Round Rock) for his Star Wars game, so this weekend it is me and the cats. I just spent a long time in the media room with episodes of House Hunters International on in the background while I played Bejeweled on the iPad and Sora sat on the wide-topped cushion that serves as back and arms for the loveseats we have strapped together into a bed-like thing.*

Sora started out near me, just a hair's breadth away from touching me.

Then he scrambled a little closer, and touched me with his paws as he snoozed.

Then he inched himself closer and laid against my back.

Then he inched himself as close as he could and snuggle up against my back and pressed very hard into my back.

He is going to be so disappointed when Toby comes back on Sunday!

* Every9one comes in and says "Oh that looks comfy! and it is as long as you're not trying to get into or out of it. It's rather ungainly as you try to scramble out of it.

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