Yup, lots of storms here yesterday. We're fine, as far as I know everyone I know is fine. Toby was up here at work with me as the library was throwing a not-a-shower* for us, and even if a tornado had touched down here we were in a building designated as a storm shelter for this area of campus** so our primary concern would be to get curious students away from the section of the basement that has big windows, into the middle portion which has none.

We tracked the tornadoes on wunderground.com and knew the closest one (the one that hit Arlington) was south of our house, tracking northeast and missing our area, so we were more concerned about hail--some parts of the metroplex got tennis-ball-sized hail--but when Toby got home, there appeared to be no damage to our house or neighborhood. We may have to go back out this weekend and re-spritz weed-killer on the dandelion forest threatening to take over our yard as I expect it washed off*** in the downpour. Oh, the humanity.

Here's a radar image from just before 2PM swiped from Wunderground, when the first tornado had already hit Arlington. I pointed out our house's rough location and TCU.

The white circles are where the major tornado-generating cells were at the time. For a vague idea of scale, it takes one hour and fiteen minutes to drive on highways at highway speed from our house to Plano, in the upper right corner of Dallas, about 60ish highway miles. The scale seems to indicate 30-40 miles as the crow flies.

So! Enjoy some spectacular photos of airborne semis and tornado damage! (I can't find any reports of anyone being killed, which is pretty amazing itself.)

* i.e. I told the social committee not to call it that as I didn't want people to feel obligated to give gifts. Some did, some didn't, a good time was had by all.

** My office has no windows looking to the outside and is in the center of the basement. I feel pretty confident about saying that I'm in the safest portion of the building. My biggest problem is that I'm insulated enough not the hear the tornado sirens, so I have to rely on coworkers sending email to know what's going on. XD

*** No doubt going on through the storm sewers to wreak havoc on the ecosystem. We're going to have to call the lawn service and find out how much they charge to dig them up by the roots. Until then, our next-door neighbor who just won the Lawn of the Month award can be assured it's probably because his yard looks so good in comparison to ours.****

**** Not the worst of the neighborhood, yay! We take walks around the area, and it always relieves us to see the worse lawns. Probably in front of vacant houses, admittedly, but ours doesn't stand out, at least.

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