So. Can we ID a 30+-year-old movie from a partially-remembered trailer?

Years and years ago, probably in the 1979-1984 range, but possibly a little earlier (not later, as we moved in 1985 and I no longer watched TV*), and more likely in the earlier half of that range, I remember seeing a trailer for, I think a movie. It may possibly be for a TV show that failed to make it. Anyway, what I remember is two clips from the trailer, one with a group of kids (possibly siblings) running from something. Their bodies faded out of the scene, and then the scene changed to the inside of a trailer or something and their bodies faded in, with them sitting on various bits of furniture, panting. The implication being that they teleported.

Right. This was about the time I was obsessed with the Witch Mountain books and kids with psychic powers and aliens with psychic powers masquerading as human, so I really wanted to see this movie. Alas, it either never came by our city or came by for about 20 minutes and I missed it. As I don't remember the title, I can't see if it's available anywhere, either.

It's not the first movie made of Escape to Witch Mountain, and I'm fairly sure it's not the movie of Return from Witch Mountain, although I don't think I've ever seen that so I can't say for sure. Looking at the IMDB, it's possible it's the made-for-TV Beyond Witch Mountain which came out in 1982, but I can't say. I spent many years under the impression it wasn't related to Witch Mountain, but I could be wrong.

So. Any ideas?

* Moved out of the city limits, only got 2 channels, both of them badly, so I quit watching.

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