And today is the first glorious pain-free day I've had since my headache started, so that makes eleven days, beating my previous record (when detoxing from caffeine) of ten days of migraine in a row.

As most of mine are, it wasn't bad pain, just mild relentless pressure and pain that could be beaten down to almost gone by various drugs or by eating, but which came back once the meds wore off or I got hungry again. (I guess that means it's not technically relentless, then?) At any rate, I finally recalled my doc's diagnosis from last year that she thinks some of my migraines are triggered by tension headaches and that I was to take a muscle relaxer before bed when needed. Night before last, I took one and it seemed to partially work - for the first part of teh day the pressure was slight although it came back after dinner. I took another one last night, and ... glory of glories at the moment I have no pain.* Woo!

* Well, in my head at least. I'm on day 3 of standing at my desk instead of sitting, and the rest of my body has various aches and pains from being forced to do things its not used to. The past 2 days I've stood for about 5 hours during the day - sitting down for short periods for breaks and lunch - and I've got more work done than I did in the past 2 weeks. Might just be the change, because change always makes me work better for a while, but I'll take it.

P.S.: http://www.fitbolt.com/ A desktop or browser app that periodically pops up a window with a stretch or a quick exercise you can do in your office. I've been liking it so far. :)

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