You know how I know that a lot of you don't read my journal every day? Because I periodically get people going "Wow! Movie dinner theatres? I didn't know they existed!" or something like that, and I've been talking about them for a few years now. :)

So here's MUCH BETTER photos than I usually post, as I used Toby's phone instead of mine - his is one of them FANCY model with a flash so the dark theatre is more easily seen. And partly because we wre the only people in there - I'd have been way too chicken to take a flash photo in a theatre if anyone else was there.

These first two are the view of the seats in front of us, with a few tables that I think move to allow people with mobility aids to either sit there, sit next to them, or sit at them.

And this is the theatre behind us; Toby showing his usual reaction to having a camera pointed his general direction, with a soupcon of being sleep-deprived since we were thare for a 9AM showing. (He had French toast. I had pancakes.) Those small tabletops attached to the chair arms swivel to move in front of you.

The seats here are also not as wide as at the new Movie Tavern - I can fit my butt *and* my purse into the chairs at the new one, but only my butt at this one.

I highly recommend a 9AM showing!

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