So last night we went to Target to load up on food for the PR team at A-Kon this weekend (supplying lunch and snacks for 10 people for 3 days). Toby and I also bought some Cokes for ourselves, and as we saw the 12-oz plastic bottles on sale at $10 for 3 8-packs, we got 3 8-packs.

They are nowhere to be found. We know we bought them - we have the receipt. We know that they were in the cart, as we only took 1 out for the clerk to scan and told here there were 2 others in the cart. We know they weren't in the cart, as when I put the cart up Toby called and asked if we'd gotten everything out of it and I looked and it was empty and said yes.

They're not at home, nor in the car. We left the water bottles we'd bought for the team in the car, and assumed we'd left the Cokes in there too, but when we checked there was nothing but water bottles there. The only explanation is that we left them in the cart, but...he unloaded the cart, asked if we'd gotten everything out of it, and I looked and said yes. We both remember that.


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