So Zack, a friend of ours and fellow P.R. Team member, tells us this:
I'm trying to close the door to this panel room because the panel's starting. And there's this bro standing there talking to the girls guarding the door, he's wearing a white wifebeater and is obviously proud of his muscles. He's saying to the girls "I'm only here talking to you because your eyes are so beautiful." I try to close the door, and tell the girls "Sorry, we need to get the panel started." The guy says "Say, brah, would it help if I went up on stage and did this?" and posed with both arms flexed. I said "Not really" and closed the door.

Later, I came down the hall to the press office and there he was, talking to the girl assigned to guard the elevators on our floor. He told her that he was there because her eyes were so beautiful, and then flexed and said "Does this help?" She said, deadpan, "Not at all."

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