Adobe InDesign users: do you know if there's a plug-in or some such that enables exporting InDesign files to HTML in a nicer-looking manner than the Export to Dreamweaver format?

Context: at work we're looking for a way to be able to put newsletters online without just slapping a PDF up there (file size, ADA issues, etc.), and the less effort required, the better. The newsletters are laid out in InDesign, and if there's a plugin or other way to produce a NICELY FORMATTED (i.e. export to Dreamweaver is kinda faily on that front) web page, it means we don't have to build the newsletter twice (once for print, once for web).

I'm noticing that Adobe really wants you to use their Digital Publishing Suite, whose output is in .folio format. How ADA-friendly is this? Will someone with a screenreader be able to use it? Will someone who needs to adjust the font size and/or colors be able to do so? Do you have to download software to read this formats?

I'll be looking for these answers myself, but if you happen to know them offhand, I'd be happy to hear them. :)

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Tags: akicilj, work
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