A complaint

Emailed in on the restaurant's website.
My husband and I ate at the Hulen restaurant in Fort Worth tonight, and had a much worse than usual experience. We arrived at 6:30 and ordered drinks and our meal at the same time shortly thereafter. It was 7:00 PM by the time we had our food! And my meal had obviously been sitting under a heatlamp for some time - the steak was well-done (I ordered medium well), the mashed potatoes were cold and the toast was so soggy from sitting in the juices that the bottom part was disintegrating. Our server, while a nice girl, wasn't very good at organizing or prioritizing her tables, and hasn't yet mastered the server's trick of scanning all the tables in her section looking to see if anyone was trying to catch her eye so it took a LONG time for us to get her attention when we wanted to check on our food and when we wanted our bill. I note that when the hostess seated us, she said that [Name1] and [Name2] would be our servers, and there was no sign of [Name2] the entire time. Was [Name1] the trainee? Because that would explain things. We didn't complain there because, like most, we hate confrontation and would rather just slink home and complain online. But she should know why we tipped 10%.
Nobody bitch at me for ordering a steak medium-well: it's a texture thing and if I eat a medium or less steak I start gagging and retching a few bites in, which is not pleasant for anyone. Which is why, when I go to steakhouses, I ask the server to tell me which cut stands up to medium-well the best. (But this was not at a steakhouse, this was at a generic chain, which isn't going to serve great steaks anyway.)

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