Here's my new office setup.

It's kind of hard to get everything into one frame as my office is too small to back up and get a wide angle in.

In reality it looks MUCH MUCH darker than this - right now, the flash is illuminating the wall through the bookcases. When you're in the room, the overhead light casts shadows so that the wall through the case is, effectively, black, like thus:

I took this one last night before I cleaned up the recycling and trash piles that you can see evidence of in the bottom left corner. Also the orange and blue (reads as red and black in the photos) striped thing under the desk is a towel placed there for any cat who wishes to hide away.

I'm going to get a lighter rug to brighten up the floor - we've got a whitish shag in the media room and another of those will fit nicely, I think.

Here's the other side of the room. The bright thing in the upper left is a hat on a hook too close to the flash. :)

Aaaand starting from the right:

The shelves you can just barely see to the right are going into the master bedroom. The monitor is going AWAY as is the lamp. The hanging cords are temporary - now that I've go things arranged more-or-less according to how I want them, we'll be threading them behind the cases and behind the hutch of the desk so I don't have to see them.

The central part of the setup:

The overhead Billy case is now housing my collection of plushies I don't want the cats to eat. The square white block with labels are a way I just thought up to keep projects in my memory. I need to be reminded visually of things - one of the reasons I'm a clutterbug is that if I put something away where I can't see it, it's GONE and I forget. So I bought Styrofoam and sawed it into blocks (and may cover them with fabric soon as they shed little bits everywhere) and put labels on them corresponding to my current unfinished projects. If I've got notes/sketches related to the project, they're in the cubbyhole behind the block.

The long clip-on light is also only temporary - I'm going to get a smaller clip-on to use for task lighting. The red box on top of the hutch and the slim brushed-metal thing it's sitting on are a magnet board and magnetic containers that will be going onto the part of the wall you see behind the monitor.

And the final bit:

Not much I can say that isn't obvious. :) The blue thing on the chair isn't a throw, it's a towel designed to keep Nefer from puking on the chair as she likes to sleep there.

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