So! I need a name for a campus organization devoted to watching/discussing movies/films. A film society, as it were. Difficulty level: it cannot be "Film Society" or something really close to that.

Yes, this is for Can't Sleep: The Prose Thing That Will Not Die.* The Not Film Society is the anatagonists and, as this is not based on Texas A&M's Cepheid Variable SF club and the convention they run (Aggiecon), they need very much not to be based on Texas A&M's Film Society, which had a long-running feud with Cepheid.**

Also, can anyone think of a good reason for the root of the animosity between a campus film society and an SF group that would not be that one broke off from the other? I've got lots of ideas for various smaller inciting events during a longrunning feud but not for the root cause. (Which could very well be lost in time, as institutional memory is about 4 years on a college campus. But speculations and rumors about said cause run amok would be just as useful.)

* New around these parts? Go here and read the backfiles of my (very) late unlamented webcomic, Can't Sleep Con Will Eat Me. It has nothing to do with Aggiecon. Nada. Nil. And, um, wow, it looks like the spammers hit my comments there in May. Guess I need to do a database sanitization (and thank my lucky stars I amde it so links don't work when I coded it lo these many years ago!)

** Or so it is said. This may be one of those things that one side thinks is going on while the other side is going "Huh? Who are they, again?" Mind you, Film Society broke off from Cepheid, I am given to believe, at about the time the VCR hit prominence, as one of the original driving forces of Aggiecon was their ability to show movies that you wouldn't otherwise get to see.*** As people stopped coming to Aggiecon for the movies, FS broke off and went their own way, and Aggiecon's not managed to have as much of a draw since. Whatever squabbling they've had since, if any as I only heard about it 3rd- and 4th-hand, I'd put down more to sibling rivalry than anything else.

*** I saw Ralph Bakshi's Wizards and also Aliens for the first time at Aggiecon, right in the movie program's dying days. It was pretty awesome at the time.

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