Hah! I have discovered something about my husband! Toby can't furrow his brow to save his life.

I was trying to work on the furrowed brow of the subject of my current painting for [personal profile] yhlee (check my new DeviantArt for original works for in-progress images) and needed lighting reference to see what the all-impotant vertical lines between the brows would look like when lit from below. So off to shine a flashlight in Toby's eyes, and it turns out that when he tries to look annoyed or angry, the flesh between his brows mostly ends up looking like normal. Me poking his brow trying to model it didn't help any, either.

I eventually found a line I could look at in vanishingly small increments of time as Toby attempted to think evil thoughts (he reported that it was his work and Jenny McCarthy he was trying to think about, both of which are guaranteed to get him fuming), but it was touch and go there for a while.

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Tags: art
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