I'm listening to an audiobook that I was loving (and widely recommending) until I hit a particular chapter. The book is Made Man by Joel Stein, and it's a chronicle of his searching for what makes a "real" man brought on by the birth of his son.

It's a book in that traditional way of the author being horribly self-deprecating which many humorists do (Bill Bryson, Tim Moore, etc) and discovering things he didn't expect about his subject (not-really-spoiler: most men don't fit the "manly" stereotype), and attempting to do "manly" things and failing, or succeeding in a way he didn't expect.

And then I hit the chapter about dog ownership, and apparently he thinks it's funny to write about how abused women go on to volunteer many hours at dog-rescue organizations in some sort of "ha ha look at how they find meaning in their lives becoming obsessed over dogs of all things" and there's a joke that involved him thinking that someone would cry "rape rape rape rape" in a situation and I can't even tell you what the joke was because I'm not about to re-listen to that section again.

Dammit, book, I really liked you up until then point that you started belittling abused, traumatized women.

So ... so far I can recommend that if you come across it, read it but skip the dog chapter.

(Thinking about it a bit more - he is squeamish about animals, to the point of not wanting to touch them. I think his horror and disgust of that spilled over into everything that touched that chapter, because he cannot bring himself to understand people who don't mind touching and being touched by animals, and it went way past funny into tacky as hell. This is a man who changes his son's diapers, by the way.)

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