Cats are weird

Nefer likes olive oil! Last night Toby and I were cooking, and we had our mise en place* sitting out on the kitchen island, which included a small open metal condiment container** with a tablespoon of olive oil on it. Nefer jumped up on the island and started sniffing the stuff intently. We watched intently*** to see if she'd try to eat anything, assuming that the kielbasa was her target since she likes pork (and never gets it, as it makes her throw up).

Instead, when she got to the olive oil container, she sniffed very intently and started licking it! We laughed loudly, scaring her off the counter, tossed that oil and got more, then I went and googled for "cats and olive oil" to make sure she wasn't going to die. According to the internets, cats are OK with small amounts of olive oil, which may even help hairballs go through their system (SHE NEEDS THIS), as long as they don't get too much which, shall we say, greases things up a little too much.

I may give her a drop or two every so often now, if she likes it and if it'll keep her from tossing her cookies quite so much.

* "Mise en place" instead of "all our ingredients ready and waiting" because we're foodie snobs.

** Which I'd stolen from some chain restaurant a year or so back because I was annoyed that the server brought a large styrofoam takeout box but not the small takeout container for dipping sauce that I'd also asked for. Fine, be that way, I'll just take the damn metal one from the plate.

*** Instead of knocking her off, which would horrify my mom who has fought a losing battle against cats on countertops for years.

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