Thunderstorm swept through the area tonight, turning my persistent headache into a migraine, so I am now on drugs and will soon be going beddy-bye.

However, in the thick of the storm there came a terrible howling, which made me think it was a tornado except that the tornado sirens weren't going off. Toby went outside and reported that it was just the wind, but that not only was it raining sideways from the wind, but it was STORMING sideways. Giant sheets of horizontal rain!

And then he realized our trash and recycling bins were still outside.

So he manfully put on a hat and a hoodie, with the hood over the hat so it wouldn't blow away, and went outside and wrestled the bins back in. He had to go rescue the recycling bin, as it had been caught in the river overflowing the gutter in the curb and had made it all the way down to the corner by then. Nefer and I watched from the front door, and we got wetted by a gust of wind - and our front door is pretty damn deep, being 10 or so feet back from the place where the porch starts.

Toby's hoodie did no good whatsoever as he was soaked to the skin in no time, but he heroically rescued the bins and got them inside the garage.

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Tags: migraine, state of camp telophase
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