Just got back from The Dark Knight Rises. We got tickets at the Movie Tavern downtown because they have morning shows on weekends and, we discovered, reserved seating. Strangely, however, the website sold me a seat that didn't exist! I bought seats H9 and H10, and there are only nine seats per row. The manager was waiting for us -- the guy who tore the tickets noticed and went to get him, and he made it into the theatre before we did as we spent some time looking at the upcoming movie posters. He sent the ticket-tearer to check if there were two seats together for the movie and he came back with H6 and H7, directly in the center, better seats that the ones I'd gotten (because I prefer aisle seats!) It wouldn't have been a problem as the theatre was half full or less, but it was still a nice gesture.

And they told us the storm had taken out the kitchen, so they only had popcorn, candy, sodas, and alcoholic drinks available. (Glad we didn't get the 9AM breakfast seating!) I'd gotten up late and missed breakfast (migraine drugs whee!) so I got an ENORMOUS bucket of popcorn and noshed on that for three hours.

But they got the kitchen up and running--I overheard the server tell that to our neighbors, so poked Toby and he ordered the pizza he'd been craving. They gave us drink refills free and unasked-for. (I think they may normally refill free, but as I've never asked for that as the drinks are also ENORMOUS, I don't know for certain.)

And then the movie. NOt bad. I've got sopme issues with it, but I have to chew them over a bit so I won't bother to talk about it here now. If you're going to put spoilers int eh comments, let people know or rot-13 them, thanks.

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