urge...to kill...rising

Last week, in our old neighborhood, two houses were robbed (back doors kicked open) and the guy who kept the neighborhood directory sent out an informative email. Other residents, understandably nervours, started hitting REPLY ALL and letting everyone else know of suspicious people* and vehicles in the neighborhood.

Toby and I emailed the originator and let him know we'd moved and to take our addresses off his list. He graciously complied. Alas, everyone else is still communicating by hitting REPLY ALL. I added a filter that would send everything with that subject line to the trash, but now they're started hitting REPLY ALL, changing the subject line, and sending out their political "Go vote for [x]!" messages.

I've got an email in draft -- REPLY ALL, natch -- suggesting someone create a mailing list, as Toby and I have moved and no longer need local updates. I'd rather not offer my own list management services, even though it's a simple matter to create one on magatsu.net, so want to suggest options. Does anyone know of a decent free listserv other than Yahoo Groups?

* Including two elderly lady Jehovah's Witnesses. One cannot be too careful these days.

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