There are 6 people near me at Smashburger and I'm the only one at a table appropriate for the size of my party during rush. 2 people are each taking up a 4-person table and 4 of them are seated in pairs at 2 4-person tables that are made by putting 2 2-person tables together, and there is enough space they could have pulled the tables apart to let others sit at the other one.

ETA: There is at least one other reasonably courteous person in town! As I was getting ready to go, a guy by himself sat down at the 4-person table next to me that had recently been vacated by a couple, then got up again, saying to the server clearing it off "I don't want to sit here and take it up when others might need it." I told him I was leaving so he could sit at my table, and he asked me if he scared me off. :) I reassured him that I'd just finished my lunch and was leaving anyway.

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