A few things

1) AAAARRRGH my head is trying to hurt. I slept badly for the past 2 nights, and I don't know if it's a cause or a symptom, but my head (edit: Apparently I posted without finishing what I was trying to say. Don't remember now. Ah well.)

2) Working remotely today with my boss' blessing as the rat trap in my office ceiling was productive over the weekend. They removed the rat, but it has left a reminder of its presence behind. It was fine through most of yesterday, but near the end of the day a wave of stench rolled through (I guess the A/V system either turned off or turned on), so I'm giving it today to air out. I expect the smell will still be present tomorrow, but I've got a meeting so I have to be on campus. I've got a small fan, and will prop the door open and direct air outwards with the fan.

3) Toby becoming a Jewish mother: in Guild Wars II, like many video games, you can do crafting, which is finding objects, heading to a special places in the game, and putting them together to create other objects. In GWII, it's cooking: you go find ingredients, then head to cooking stations and make dishes by putting various ingredients together and seeing what you can make from that recipe. You can put dishes you make into your guild's storage (your guild being the people you're playing with online; our friends have got together to form one), and various guild members can grab food from storage and eat it. Most if not all of them confer some sort of benefit on you for doing that. Also, the storage can fill up so you can't put any more in until people eat it.

Hence Toby turning into a Jewish mother and urging everyone online at the time to go eat the food. "Eat! Eat! You're wasting away!"

4) Speaking of crafting and food, I've just gotten into ChefVille on Facebook and am going mad.

Meet Pradeep, my Chefville avatar. He's a bit of a hipster and somewhat cranky. If they had a way to put glasses on the avatars, I'd do it, but for you you'll just have to assume he removed them to keep grease from splattering on them in the kitchen.

He runs a small bistro with a patio and a wood-burning fireplace in Chefville. In this picture, he's standing over near his salad station as he's just commenced his sooper-speshul recipe for a garden salad, which consists of mixed greens and ranch dressing and which takes TWELVE HOURS to cook. That's real-time hours, unless I wish to pay them real-time money, which I don't.

His bistro is named "America's Test Kitchen" because I was uncreative and had just bought a baking book published by America's Test Kitchen. I think I can change that if I get a better idea for a hipsterish bistro name.

The game, unless you change the settings, plays light jazz at you. Which keeps going when your computer goes to sleep, or at least when mine goes to sleep, because at one point last night Toby went into my office, then came into the kitchen where I was and asked if I knew that my computer was playing light jazz.

Anyway, if you're on Facebook and play Chefville, hook me up as your neighbor! (Also I need neighbors to staff my broccoli stand. Pradeep cannot possibly make his famed broccoli with ranch dip [2 minutes; apparently the 12-hour secret to the salad is all in the mixed greens somehow] without more broccoli.)

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