Today's lesson

I've been running around the building taking a new batch of photos of students for the website. As I prefer not to have posed photos, I'm taking candids and trying not to be spotted* so I often end up having to focus on someone and wait for a weird expression to pass, or their hand to move away from their face, and so on.

The primary thing I've learned from this? People pick their noses a lot when they think they're not being watched.

* I put on my name tag, which I almost never wear, so they know I'm legit! And if anyone asks me not to take a photo of them, I won't, but nobody's asked it so far. We asked the university about the legalities involved in taking photos of students, and it turns out they all sign a document when they enroll that gives blanket permission for their photos to be taken and used for University business at any time. I still wouldn't take a photo if someone asked me not to, though!

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