Oh, and I want a pony too

I put it to you, dear readers who might know something about web design and development, and CMSs or the like: is there something out there which both allows for me to design a site using a lot of components* and which allows users to edit the content of those components without knowing much about the nitty-gritty and without breaking the site too easily?

And into which we can insert ASP code as necessary for messing about with our databases and the like. We've got a decade of scripts that aren't going to get rewritten anytime soon. And which runs on a Windows server? I know, that might be asking a bit much. Admittedly, if the best solution works out to be run on Unix/Linux or some such, we can probably convert everything, but it's going to take a while.

Pay solutions fine. We don't have a great track record with open source, it seems. :D

* In other words, so I can create content in little packets and insert it into whatever page I want? So I can, say, create a packet that contains a simple form for searching the catalog plus links to the databases page and the ejournals page and also a paragraph or two of text, and then plug it into several different pages across the site?

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Tags: akicilj, web design
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