I managed to, for the first time, get *all* of the week's assignments done in the art course I'm taking! Even with a (small) migraine! Woo! I have not been able to get them redone in accordance with the instructor's comments, however, but I haven't been able to do that with the previous weeks' efforts either. :D Luckily, the course forums stay open (and we get access to an alumni forum) after it ends, and we're encouraged to go back and do or redo assignments, and can reread the lecture notes and rewatch the videos.

And in other news: head still twinging, but I'm at least at work.

Also, I bought the current MacHeist bundle - for $29 I got several programs including Scrivener (less that what Scrivener would normally cost). I just now have to install Steam on the Mac side of my system and download the games before I forget. (If you've got a Mac, the bundle has 4 days left.) At any rate, I used the Scrivener demo for the novel-editing text for the Digital Manga Guild, and I liked the ability to keep the raw translation open in one window while my editing was open in another, so was probably going to get it anyway. But then I found that it can sync with the SimpleNote app so I can download chapters to my iPad for editing, which makes traveling for the holidays and other things much easier and that tipped the decision for me.

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