My opinion of The Man with the Iron Fists: too much plot and not enough ass-kicking. And there was a lot of ass-kicking.

It's like RZA took a comic's entire run and condensed it into 2 hours of movie (Toby says he heard the director's cut is, like, 4 hours. I can believe it). It would have made a good Chinese wuxia drama series.

Fridgings: 1 (Possibly 2, if the main character's mother gets killed in an edited-out scene, which I think is possible, given that during the credits we got a quick clip of her fighting someone even though that scene wasn't in the cut we saw.)

Dead women: pretty much all of them DAMMIT

Kickass women who got killed when showing compassion for someone: 1

I have to say that we (Toby, puppleball, and I) did appreciate the adherence to kick-flick tropes. When the blacksmith (RZA, playing the titular character) gives money to his lady of the night girlfriend so that she can buy her way out of the brothel, we all went "She's gonna die or betray him," although I have to say I was hoping for betrayal. But she got fridged instead.

OTOH, I can forgive quite a lot for ninja prostitutes and Lucy Liu being a badass. Well, up until the point where she DIES because we can't have kickass women cluttering up the men's story.

I wanted more anachronisms, to make it closer to the territory of Moulin Rouge, since the soundtrack was modern and there were a few modern things here and there. I think that also removing or altering the backstory of how the black main character ended up in China might have helped take it further away from semi-historical and placed it more firmly in WuxiaLand.

The movie, happily, was not What These People Need is a Honky (or even WTPNIA Non-Local Hero): RZA and Russel Crowe were both sidekicks to the Lion Clan Leader's Son, who was the hero in the primary story of Avenging My Father and Taking Back My Clan. However, because there was too damn much plot, we didn't get enough time on Avenging Etc. and ended up with a movie that was confusing.

Finally: they got permission to film in the Forbidden City or a replica someone built and rents out but they cast it as a GOVERNER'S PALACE. WTF?!

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