Reccing this on the off chance that there's someone out there who's as bothered by dry skin at work as I am (especially now that the heater's been turned on for the season): Homedics Personal Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier It was an impulse buy at Bed Bath & Beyond (which I'll note was $5 cheaper than the Amazon listing I'm linking to) since the travel humidifier I got last year ended up leaking.

This one can't leak, as the reservoir is a plastic bowl--no seams to spring a leak. It lasts about 4 hours on one fill, so it's no good as a travel humidifer if you want to sleep with it, and it needs to be on a surface that won't be harmed by water as the mist tends to fall to the desk, but it does make a difference to me: on Tuesday, I shut it off about noon, empty, and forgot to go get more water and restart it, and by a couple of hours later, I could feel my skin much dryer.

It's also silent, which is good in that it's not distracting, but bad in that it's easy to forget you left it on. :) The mist is visible, at least, as is the reservoir.

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